"This course is fantastic for both first-time learners and researchers who want to brush up on osteology skills when they don’t have access to real human bones. The VR experience is immersive and tunes out other distractions while studying. The content for this course is well-organized and comprehensive, and the interface is very user-friendly with plenty of visual and audio aids to assist you in learning the content. Furthermore, the freedom you have with this course allows for you to learn at your own speed, so you can decide when you’re comfortable moving on to new content. This helps ensure that the course isn’t only practical; it’s actually fun."

"The thing that really sets this course apart from other online or virtual options is the quality of the scans. The entire human skeleton has been scanned, bone by bone, with extremely high resolution. The navigable interface allows you to rotate the bones easily to see all sides of them in detail. I have studied with plastic skeletons, but they don’t compare to the quality of detail you get with the bones in this course."

"If you finish the content and want expert recommendations of where to go next with your studies, this course also includes details about published standard osteology resources to help guide you. I’ll be continuing to use the Human Osteology VR course to brush up on the bones and their features throughout my PhD studies, and I will be recommending this course to all of my students who are interested in learning osteology!"