Course Overview

Learning Human Osteology

Learning Human Osteology is an important step for anyone with career aspirations in the medical, health-related, and biological sciences fields. We have designed a program that brings the best parts of a standard Osteology course right to you.

Our Human Osteology course is based on and modeled after a very successful university semester-long Human Osteology laboratory course presented by Dr. Dennis C. Dirkmaat, a renowned, award-winning forensic anthropologist who has taught the class for nearly 30 years as a professor of Physical and Forensic Anthropology.

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Traditional Course or Reference Mode

You can choose how you would like to access the content:

Traditional Course

Offers a college-style structured course sequence with testing.

Reference Mode

Allows you to access any bone within the course without a structured course plan.

Four Lessons

In Lessons 1 and 2 you will learn the names and locations of all the bones in the human body and bone terminology.

In Lesson 3 you will learn about the individual bones and their sides.

Finally, in Lesson 4 you will learn the important features of the bones.

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3D Scanned Bones

For this course, we have 3D scanned real human bones with a high-quality 3D scanner, so all of the minute details of every bone are there.

You will be handling real human bones, turning them over, inspecting them up close, and learning the names, features, and how to side the 200+ bones of the human body.

Expected Course Timeframe

Typically, the building of expertise in identifying human bones via a university Human Osteology course may be 15 weeks in the making. Similarly, this course is not a 2-hour affair.

We expect at least 40 to 50 hours of effort to ‘pass’ the course and earn the label of human osteology expert.

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Much like a normal college course, we want you to come away with a deep understanding of the subject.

During and after each section of the course, you will be tested to confirm your knowledge of the material.

A word of warning: we won’t let you off easy; you won’t be able to skim through the sections to get to the end and proclaim yourself an expert.

You will have to pass numerous demanding examinations throughout the course to reinforce the course lessons along with a final exam at the end.