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Course Content

Learn Osteology screenshot terms

Anatomical Terminology

You will be presented with definitions of directional terms (e.g., proximal-distal, medial-lateral), anatomical planes of reference (sagittal, coronal planes) which will help orient where you are in the body...

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learn osteology screenshot names

Bone Names and Locations

This part of the course requires you to learn the individual bone names, how to spell and pronounce them, and where they are located in the human body, relative to other bones, in the articulated state...

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Learn Osteology screenshot identification

Individual Bone Identification

In this section of the course, you will be learning how to identify the individual bones and sides, by sight. You be able to ‘pick up’ bones in your hands, rotate them, and bring them closer to your vision (zoom in and out)...

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Learn Osteology screenshot features

Bone Feature Identification

The full 3D extent of each feature (e.g., muscle attachment, acetabulum) is ‘painted’ onto the bone, rather than just a line pointing to it. This is a significant benefit for understanding the feature...

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Who Would Benefit From This Course

College Students

studying anatomy, biological anthropology, and health sciences.


teaching courses in anatomy, osteology, and health sciences.

High School Students

interested in pre-medicine, biology, and other natural science careers.

Health Science Students

required to take a human anatomy course in their first year of study.


Law enforcement and Medicolegal Investigators investigating outdoor crime scenes.

Applicable Scientific Disciplines Include

Human Anatomy  |  Natural Sciences  |  Pre-Medicine  |  Sports Medicine  |  Paleoanthropology  |  Biological Anthropology  |  Physical Anthropology

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Virtual Reality (VR)

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3D Scanned Real Human Bones with Interactive PC and Virtual Reality Learning

Normally, a course in Human Osteology is available only in a college, university, anatomy program, or medical school setting. In addition to lectures about composition and development of bones, a critical component of the course is to learn what bones look like, and which features, nerves, and blood vessels pass through.

This is best learned in the laboratory where students can handle actual human bones to try to best learn what they look like, determine how to side each unique bone, and even identify individual features. However, access to real bones for studying is becoming more difficult and may be available only in larger university and medical school classrooms. In many cases, learning osteology is done with low-quality plastic versions of human bones. That's where this course comes in!


Sharpen Your Skills & Apply Them in the Following Settings

University Students

High School Students

College Professors

High School Science Teachers

Health Sciences

Medical Students

Law Enforcement / Medicolegal Investigators

And More

Pricing Options

The course is available for Windows, Mac, Oculus Go, and Oculus Quest platforms (VR versions do not include headsets). 

After purchasing the course, you will receive an activation code and instructions on how to download and activate the PC and VR versions of the program.


Names & Terms


Learn the basics of the anatomical terms and bone names



$199.95 or $24.95/mo

For 8 months, or until cancelled

Beyond the basics, dive into the practical and professional application of identification.


Features & Identifications

$299.95 or $49.95/mo

For 6 months, or until cancelled

For those in higher education and in professional settings that need to identify bone features.

Organizational (Multi-User) Pricing

For School systems, Universities, Departments & Agencies, click here.

In the future, we also plan to offer add-on modules including a fragmentary osteology module, a dental identification module, a human skeletal variation module, and even a comparative skeletal anatomy (animal) module.

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